VS2-FD rev3.0


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Quick Overview

Electronic control unit for whirlpool bath tubs or mini SPA. Automatic fill/drain function available. SMSevo and domotic integration READY.

compatible with keypads:

  • KAP.KI
  • REM.KI (remote control)
  • ONE.KI (auxiliary)

VS2-FD rev3.0

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Product Description

Electronic control for whirlpool bathtubs or mini SPA. Built-in automatic fill/drain function. Domotic system integration "READY".

With VS2 MINISPA FD you can:

  • fill & drain automatically your tub / SPA
  • choose and mantain water set-point
  • use electric heaters up to 8.0kW or an heat exchanger to heat water
  • set H24 filtration cycle, using a dedicated low-noise and low-consumption circulation pump
  • switch on / off whirlpool pump / blower and light
  • fw update by usb programming key

Furthermore, thanks to RS485 communication port and open source "ADOP protocol", you can integrate your whirlpool bath tub or SPA into a Building Automation System, to improve the user's comfort and / or remote control. 

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