The MODO™ brand

MODO™ is the ASTREL GROUP Srl business unit dedicated to electronics for wellbeing.
MODO™ is a landmark for the market for all automation needs related to wellbeing applications: from whirlpool baths to swimming pools, Turkish baths to saunas for public and private use.

MODO™ is the European leader in controls for Spa mini-pools, where it sells directly to all the leading OEM in the sector, providing excellent flexible and customised services.

MODO™ is a qualified partner in electronics for the beauty, fitness and biomedical sectors as well, cooperating with its clientele to create tailor-made solutions for a wide variety of applications. Design and production are carried out entirely in the company’s factory in Italy with their staff of more than eighty employees.

MODO™ products are systematically submitted to conformity tests to current standards in the company’s internal certified laboratory or by qualified external laboratories. 100% of production undergoes in circuit and functional tests.


From January 1st ASTREL joined ASTREL GROUP srl together with HottoH, 4-Noks and Mododepot. ASTREL was founded in 1987 as a specialised company in electronic controls and measuring systems. In the early 90s ASTREL developed and produced the first capacitive technology level sensor for whirlpool baths.

In cooperation with the leading OEMs in the field, the company soon became the European leader of the market for this application. After joining the CAREL Group (1997-2007), ASTREL became a modern industrial company, unique for its size, production capacity and organisation in the European scenario of producers of electronics for the whirlpool and wellness sectors. In 2003 ASTREL began a partnership with the Canadian firm GECKO, and rapidly became the leading European producer of Spa mini-pool controls.